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Barrens Chat is a simple discussion forum and fan site for World of Warcraft: Classic players.

Class & Race Comparison Tool

Struggling to decide on what class/race combo you want to play in Classic? This tool may help.

Avoiding ganks whilst levelling

Items, abilities, and tactics for avoiding or escaping ganks whilst levelling on a PvP realm.

Mage Gold Farming & AOE

Jpy's guide to mob XP grinding, AOE gold farming and levelling as a Mage in WoW Classic.

Patch 1.5 deployed

Barrens Chat v1.5 has been deployed. Click here to view the patch notes and latest changes.

Ultrawide Wallpaper Pack

Six beautiful 2568x1080 ultrawide desktop wallpapers of each Classic starting zone.

Blacksmithing Mastery

Fendor's guide on finding unique blacksmithing plans and choosing which mastery to take.

Base stats calculator

See what base stats like Strength and Intellect actually provide for each class with this tool.

Classic Icon Pack in .PNG

All 2000+ icons from the vanilla client in .PNG format. Compressed, borderless and enhanced.

Manual of War • World PvP

An introductory guide to World PvP tactics & strategy by Kor'kron leader Nymis.

Level 19 Rogue Twink Guide

BiS gear and where to get it, spells breakdown, talent builds, advantageous professions etc.

Wintersaber Trainers Exalted

How to efficiently achieve exalted reputation with the Wintersaber Trainers in WoW Classic.

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